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We are projection mapping specialists

There is no finer team of experts to turn to for your projection mapping needs today than Motion Mapping. Our history of working in this field with so many satisfied commercial clients speaks for itself. Whether you want to map a projection in three dimensions to match your product’s shape or would like help with a guerrilla marketing campaign, we can help.

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Interactive & immersive video projection mapping and creative content specialists

Interactive video projections are able to react in real-time to the people who experience them. Encourage people to interact with a projection for a much fuller experience than merely watching one. The same goes for our wonderfully creative immersive projections which can transport viewers to new worlds, imagined spaces or even to the past.

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Why Motion Mapping?

A Collaborative Experience

All our services are delivered in a collaborative way with our clients. In other words, it is all about delivering what you are after in the way that you want. We want to create memorable and shareable experiences that people will remember for years so everything we do is geared to meet your requirements. We are an easy company to work with and rate our customer service highly!

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Bring Any Surface To Life

Three-dimensional projection mapping means being able to bring any inanimate object to virtual life. In the past, projecting onto anything other than flat surfaces meant getting unwanted distortions and stretched sections of the image. That’s no longer the case with stills and video projections which look great from any angle on any surface. We have the know-how to help you project onto anything you like!

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Worldwide ‘Wow’ Moments

Our projections create memorable moments that live long in the memory. That’s not all they do, however, because so-called ‘wow’ moments that take your breath away are often captured and shared on social media, too. Want to make a global impact? Bear in mind that our projects have been seen over 50 million times online.

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