striking projection mapping which produced just the wow factor we required

What the client wanted

French luxury perfume and cosmetics giant, Lancôme planned to unveil its new fragrance at a special launch for staff from around Europe. The event was to be central to a much wider company three-day conference, and Lancôme, part of the L’Oréal empire, wanted something special to mark the occasion.

Motion Mapping was approached to create an idea that would give a WOW factor to the staging for the launch of the Idôle scent, the star of the show, at the QEII Centre in London.

Our concept

We set about understanding the requirements from Lancôme, who wanted something eye-catching and memorable that its staff could relate to and enjoy. We came up with the idea of making a nine-foot-tall, 3D white polystyrene bottle, shaped exactly like the new fragrance. We then vinyl-wrapped the top and left the rest of it bare, the perfect space for cool projection mapping.

As the day unfolded, we used the large space on the bottle to project stunning imagery and video to accompany the agenda. Then, when it came to unveiling the new Idôle perfume, we transformed the giant bottle to become the new star of Lancôme’s collection.

The result

At first, delegates at the conference assumed our bottle was simply a clever screen backdrop for presentations. For example, it changed colour to match a new lipstick when it was introduced by senior management. But the bottle really ‘came to life’ the moment Idôle was unveiled. And the impact was awesome. It was like having a giant bottle of perfume on stage! A launch video was produced to be projected on to the bottle shape, creating dramatic 3D visual effects, and ending with the static bottle branding.

We used the bottle for various parts of the day’s activities, including pointing a camera to film the audience celebrating the perfume launch and having those images projected back onto the bottle in real-time. Guests quickly became immersed in the new product, a brilliant way to make it memorable.

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