Motion Mapping were called back for a second year running to bring immersive AV magic to an award ceremony celebrating the best in the business.

What the client wanted

It’s always a privilege to be asked to be a creative partner at the AV Awards, let alone being called back after the runaway success of our appearance at the 2018 show. Then, we projection mapped onto an enormous cake and now, we were tasked with bringing the futuristic theme of the AV Awards 2019 from concept to dazzling reality.

Everything this year was bigger and bolder, and the content had to reflect that. A new venue, the vast Evolution London in Battersea, needed an introduction suited to its dramatic space.

The theme of ‘The Future is AV’ meant big visuals, giant logos and dramatic shapes, all requiring that Motion Mapping touch of magic to create an exceptional immersive experience.

Our concept

From the start to finish, we knew the award ceremony needed to look and feel as special as possible.

Teaming up with Epson and Holotronica, we would project spectacular 3D holographic scenes of underwater creatures and marauding dinosaurs onto a 20 metre hologauze screen from three Epson 25K projectors. All but invisible, the hologauze allowed the holograms to feel seamlessly created and truly at the cutting-edge of AV tech. A futuristic countdown would then precede an incredible canvas drop that unveiled the vast Evolution London space.

Throughout the night, we would keep up the sci-fi inspired theme. Above the bar, short throw lenses gave precision control to cover a 3 metre tall sphere with futuristic cityscapes and swirling designs, while a giant custom cut AV Awards logo would be projection mapped to transform it into living letters of pattern and colour.

To keep the feel of the party of the future going throughout the night, we would VJ the entire black-tie evening on a 40 metre LED.


The result

An evening of outstanding visual brilliance from the dramatic 3D hologauze and its curtain fall reveal, to a VJ’d party that gave the whole evening the feel of being at the event of the future, we’re delighted with how we could wow the professionals in the AV trade.

The awards logo and suspended orb proved to be an outstanding success that truly showed off the capabilities of projection mapping.

Going even further than the previous year, Motion Mappings contribution to the night was a great way to celebrate the achievements of this exciting, ever-growing industry, whilst also keeping one eye on the future and teasing how impossible dreams can become realities in no time at all.