Motion Mapping transformed over 3 storeys of Dior’s flagship London boutique in stylish Mayfair into a moving wall of festive brilliance throughout the festive period.

What the client wanted

The competition for eye-catching Christmas window displays is always at the heart of the festive period for the retail industry. Nowhere else is it felt as strongly as amongst the stores of Mayfair, the home of London’s most high-end and exclusive brands.

Standing out from the crowd here is everything; and turning heads at the lucrative time for pre-holiday shopping means more than just good sales. Brand awareness and relevance are key to ensuring that a luxury label like Dior demonstrates that chic styling and attention to detail have been carefully considered in every aspect of the customers’ journey.

Overcoming the challenges of council regulations and winter’s notoriously unpredictable weather, Motion Mapping were tasked with taking the idea of the Christmas shop window to a whole new level.


Our concept

Visuals provided by Dior’s creative agency – featuring classic festive themes and the brand’s own reflections on its woodland fairy tale range – were projection mapped onto the architecture of the New Bond Street store with a precision that gave the building a seamless, perfectly wrapped Christmas present feel.

With the projection set to run throughout the festive period and beaming down Christmas magic from six storeys up on a neighbouring building, outdoor Enclosures were used to keep the winter weather from interrupting the 3 month-long project.


The result

By successfully turning the whole of the flagship store into the head-turning centrepiece of Dior’s Christmas campaign, whilst negotiating the local council’s restrictions and the weather of an English winter, the results really did speak for themselves.

The Dior brand’s values of elegance and craftsmanship were translated perfectly to the high-quality visuals and, even amongst some of the world’s leading luxury brands, the boutique was most definitely the one to turn the heads of all those looking for that extra special Christmas gift.

What did we think of the outcome? One word: J’adore!

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