The Genesis car company (owned by Hyundai) wanted to show off its electric car’s ability to power plug-in devices. It decided to project a vast arcade game onto the Victoria and Albert Museum, powered by the vehicle, and that’s where Motion Mapping came in.

What the client wanted

Genesis’ creative agency ScienceMagic.Inc devised a novel way of showcasing its car outside an exhibition at the V&A to celebrate Korean pop culture.

The electric SUV can power plug-in appliances (including a microwave!), and the idea was to showcase these abilities while showing off a classic Korean-style arcade game.

Genesis wanted this idea to be engaging for the public and so grand that it covered the outside of the V&A.

Our concept

Motion Mapping created the arcade game based on Genesis’ design and ran it from our computer, powered by the car. The idea was for members of the public to sit in the car and use a game controller to play the game projected onto the V&A in front of them.

The game would be 111 feet high, the tallest arcade-style action ever seen!

We wanted the experience to be immersive, and people loved giving it a go and returning for more. A running leaderboard selected winners who got free tickets to the V&A exhibition to promote Korean pop culture.

The result

The innovative projected game was a runaway success, with people wanting to play it repeatedly.

Such was the novelty that a national newspaper reported the action.

Genesis was thrilled with the way Motion Mapping took an initial concept and brief from ScienceMagic.Inc and made it into a huge spectacle, the likes of which had never been seen before.

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