Motion Mapping provided a cool, immersive display for the permanent projection installations at IKEA’s Wembley store.

What the client wanted

The brief was to provide an immersive and engaging display to encourage experiential shopping in IKEA’s Wembley store. The retailer wanted to focus on increasing engagement through design via head-turning and immersive artwork that runs through the entire installation.

Our concept

The visuals within this case study centre on the story of an IKEA character who jumps in and out of the display areas, linking the artwork from room to room and providing helpful information to customers as they pass through each part of the installation.

We used several short-throw projectors to showcase the artwork on the walls and invite customers to check the insides of the cupboards.

And we also installed several Samsung TVs to serve as window displays throughout the installation, looking out across a moving cityscape of London.

Everything fits together beautifully, and there’s a natural flow between each installation section, inviting every customer to walk through and experience the retail opportunities presented to them.

The result

This project lets IKEA take their customers on a journey and elevate how it showcases its products. The result is a beautifully designed, immersive journey that exemplifies the practicality and value of the products within IKEA’s range.

The visuals help IKEA’s customers imagine what the products would be like in a real home, adding a degree of realism to the installation. Ultimately, we are thrilled with this one and how it’s turned out – yet another reason to visit IKEA to pick up some essentials for your home.

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