The process was seamless, and the results were brilliant and highly effective

What the client wanted

Events specialist Identity sponsored the Field Marketing and Brand Experience (FMBE) Awards and wanted a cool concept on stage to melt the hearts of guests at the glitzy awards night. Nobody would have appreciated yet another display stand, or a boring 2D screen with graphics. This event was meant to celebrate the elite of marketing and branding after all! Motion Mapping was asked to work on a special project that would get everyone talking.

Our concept

Working with PSD Ice Art, we wanted to create a three-metre wide ice wall, which would make for a sensational “screen” through which we projected our 3D mapping. We put together a fun storyboard of Identity’s services and clients, mixed with cool video and animation sequences. We knew that our high-end Epson projectors, Green Hippo server and slick software would create an awesome experience for FMBE Awards guests.

The result

The ice wall looked amazing! The marketing influencers in attendance, who’ve seen some cool things in their time, certainly experienced the WOW factor. The ice wall was a perfect backdrop on stage from start to finish, and thankfully showed no sign of melting. Our animation sequences looked stunning through the ice, and because the feature attracted the eye, logos and brand messaging on the wall were noticed by all. You could say it was a perfect marketing vehicle.

What the client says

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Stuart at Motion Mapping and the team at PSD Ice Art to produce a fantastic projection through ice, which has never been done before! Thanks for all your hard work, the process was seamless, and the results were brilliant and highly effective. Throughout the event, attendees were in awe of both the 3m wide ice wall and what they saw through it. We very much look forward to working with you on future projects.” – Identity

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