We’ve years of experience working with retail businesses who want to use the effectiveness of creative projection to get ahead of the competition.

You may be a company that has a good handle on what projection mapping is, or an organisation that doesn’t know where to start – either way we’ll work with you where you are, and deliver amazing results.

AMEX Projection in London


We create in-store installations and external projections to promote events and products, leading to huge increases in footfall and sales, as well as publicity through word of mouth and social sharing. We take great care to be unobtrusive so the projection equipment won’t get in the way, and we work around your opening hours to avoid loss of trade.

Whether you want us to work closely with your marketing team or be more independent, you can trust us to create something special that will boost your sales.

Promotion for Ikea 'Creating the Wonderful Every Day' in-store


Use the power of interactive creative projection to give your customer a WOW moment that they’ll share with everyone they know. How about using interactive projection to display matching accessories when someone hangs an outfit on a peg? Or let people choosing trainers can see the different colours available with a wave of their hand? The possibilities to sell more products are endless.

Get in touch and let’s work together to create something special for your stores.

A sparkling projection mapping on a 9ft tall Lancome Idole perfume bottle

Out of Home

Out of home creative projection is an excellent way to spread awareness of your business. It grabs the attention of everyone who sees it, and then word spreads as people share video of your projection with their friends on social.

There’s no better way to stand above your competitors and win new customers without them even stepping foot in your store. 


Get in touch today and let’s start creating your WOW moments.