With our projection mapping creating an augmented reality experience for the Ryder Cup coverage, Sky Sports were able to take viewers closer to the action than ever before.


Sky Sports had exclusive coverage of golf’s Ryder Cup and wanted a realistic putting green for the studios, near London, so presenters on the evening shows could educate viewers by recreating crucial putts from the day’s play. Sky had brought in Zen Green Stage with its digital green that shifts shape to replicate the contours of any real-life green. However, viewers at home would need extra graphical help to understand what was going on.


We worked closely with Zen Green Stage, to develop a projection mapping that would effectively serve up an augmented reality experience for the audience at home. By combining our 3D modelling software with the data supplied at Sky, we could project cool graphics onto the “green”, which would allow viewers to easily grasp how any putt would move owing to the ups and downs of the surface. Anyone who has played a golf computer game would be familiar with this graphical concept.


Awesome! While recreating a key putt from the Ryder Cup course near Paris, the Zen Green Stage shifted shape to replicate the relevant green. We then added contour lines onto the green, animated arrows to show the direction of slope, and then an arched target line to show the perfect path of the ball from putter to hole. The augmented reality concept was dubbed Zen Eye and was a hit with the viewers, who could understand much better how tricky the putts on the course were, and how best to hole them.

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“The process was seamless, and the results were brilliant and highly effective”

Steve with several screens and laptops in front of him, working the Ryder Cup Sky projection