This colour-filled out of home projection lit up major landmarks of Ipswich to prepare people for the launch of the Big Hoot – a campaign to raise awareness and support for the important work done by St Elizabeth Hospice.


The upcoming launch of The Big Hoot in 2022 needed a big build up, and we had the perfect creative tools to unveil this incredible art project to the whole of Ipswich.

With Wild in Art partnering with St Elizabeth Hospice, the Big Hoot Art Trail saw the town come together in a celebration of colour, sculpture and art whilst highlighting and supporting the important work the hospice does for both patients and their families.

By turning the iconic buildings of the town into canvases splashed with dramatic colour we highlighted the art trail – and Ipswich itself – as a great destination.


Previous art trails have brought hundreds of thousands of people and millions of pounds to the local economy, as well as important income for the hospice, so it was vital the visuals reflected the aims of the campaign as a whole: creativity and awareness.

We captured it – and the attention of the people of Ipswich – by projecting onto three landmarks around the town: a former R&W Paul Ltd silo, the old Customs House on the Waterfront and Suffolk County Council’s headquarters.

Mirroring the exciting designs coming in the form of the 50 giant owl sculptures decorated to represent all things Suffolk, the town became our own palette of exploding colour. The crystal-clear definition of the projection meant the overlaid partner logos and all important hashtags leapt from the buildings in stylish clarity.


Our projection took place several months before the trail began, so we were keen the visuals made a statement and acted as a memorable way to build up anticipation for the Big Hoot.

From the neo-classical facades of the Waterfront to the uneven, contemporary County Council headquarters, the vibrant colours really stood out to captivate the people of Ipswich.

Our outdoor projection setups are a clockwork operation of style, form and deployment, so turning the town into the canvas for its own advertising was an exciting prospect, and especially fun working on our home turf. More effective than a billboard, more captivating than a leaflet and definitely more colourful than even most high-definition screens can manage, the projection brightened up a chilly autumn night.

It was a big introduction for the Big Hoot, and one that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Suffolk County Council Logo

"We are so grateful to Motion Mapping for helping us bring an early sprinkle of the Big Hoot magic and colour to the town this autumn, ahead of the trail next year. It was so nice to see iconic Ipswich buildings lit up with the Big Hoot and to celebrate the support of our presenting partners ABP Port of Ipswich, Suffolk County Council and Ipswich Borough Council."

Liz Baldwin / Corporate and Sponsorship Fundraising Manager
Man taking a photo of the Big Hoot projection on the side of Endeavour House in Ipswich
St Elizabeth Hospice's The Big Hoot Ipswich 2022 promotional projection