We used creative projection in the very heart of the Jägermeister factory, to create stunning marketing collateral for the German master brewers.


When German brewing giants Jägermeister wanted to create a new portfolio of point-of-sale and marketing collateral, they came to us.

The visuals needed to reflect not only their cool brand, but also their German brewing heritage, in a way that would resonate with a young adult audience.


We knew there would be iconic brewing equipment in the Jägermeister factory, from large, wooden barrels where the liqueur is aged, to towering metal vessels where the secretive mix of herbs and ingredients is brought together.

Taking artwork supplied by the Jägermeister marketing team we would use our projector hardware and software to display it in innovative ways to make standout marketing material.


We were able to project large and distinct marketing messages across groups of stacked wooden barrels in the Hanover factory, and tighter messages at the end of a single barrel. The larger volume barrels also made an atmospheric screen for photographic projections.

Then in the brewing area, we turned large shiny metal vessels into backdrops for marketing messages and images.

Jägermeister promotional film for brewing tank projection mapping
Jägermeister promotional film projection mapping barrels