Projection mapping technology allows any surface to be projected onto with moving graphics and animations without the need for it to be flat. Traditional projections require a flat surface so that the images can be seen clearly. However, when the relevant surfaces are mapped, this clever technology is able to adjust the projection so that the whole thing looks smooth and realistic. This means that whatever you want to be projected can be projected and, even better, it can be projected onto just about anything you can imagine.

Take a look at the neo-Gothic structures that are on the side of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, for example. Our expertise with projection mapping meant that almost the entire side of the Palace of Westminster could be projected onto without any discernible disruption to the image as viewed from the Thames. However, it is not just building facades with uneven or decorative surfaces that can benefit from this sort of treatment. In the past, we have illuminated Stonehenge with funky graphics that match the contours of its famous stones. We have even projection-mapped a cylindrical wedding cake before and been able to decorate it with nothing more than projected light and illuminated graphics.

Projection mapping has many superb commercial uses. For example, the experts at Motion Mapping can bring your product launch or company rebranding exercise to the attention of many with our superbly detailed visual animations. Project them onto your corporate headquarters, a well-known public landmark or any object you wish. We can work collaboratively with you to produce pop up projections, guerrilla projections, or provide genuinely interactive projections for shows that your clients can partake in. Whether you want to make a splash and do something different, provide the public with a talking point through experiential marketing or simply want to make your venue look more up to date than it currently is, the exciting possibilities of projection mapping are for you!

Bear in mind that project mapping means that animated film, graphics and video effects can all be utilised in various combinations. What’s more, the projections can be mixed with audio shows, ideal for audiovisual companies that want to create more interesting effects. Whether we are projecting onto a building – such as a castle, a hotel or a residential address – or an inanimate object – including three-dimensional business logos, for example – the effect is awe-inspiring and creates genuine ‘wow’ moments. Take a look at some of the types of projection mapping projects we offer below.

We collaborate with wonderful clients

Tendring District Council have worked with Motion Mapping on a number of successful events within the Events Team and Theatre Team and have been highly satisfied with the service provided.
A very professional company, who were informative throughout the whole planning process working to our budgets and tight deadlines to produce a high quality event. We would be happy to work with them on future projects.

Sarah, Tendring District Council

I really enjoyed the passion which matched ours in making our ideas come to life. Also the lack of being phased by both the project specifications, tight turnaround timescales, and quality of work required which were all delivered against outstandingly.

Kate, Octopus Energy

Motion Mapping made a superb mapped video for our wedding at Woodhall Manor. It was so personal and captured so many moments in our life which meant a lot to us. I’m not ashamed to admit that it brought me to shed a happy tear or two! The mapping went on all evening and I truly believe that our wedding would not have been the same without it. Out of everything which occurred throughout the day, it was this that we received the most compliments for!

Emily Krayesteyn-Watts, Private Event

Motion Mapping took on our clients ideas and exceeded all expectations with show stopping projection mapping on the front of our clients venue. We’ve already booked the team for another event later this month and look forward to working with them on many more projects moving forward.

Mark, Passion 4 Events

You are in safe hands with this excellent team of projection specialists. They carefully guide you through many options that will suit your budget without pressure. Customer care is at the heart of their operations.

I cannot recommend them enough for all of their thoughtful and well-considered responses that made my project excel way beyond my initial vision.

Mo Lea, Artist

Super easy to work with, and a great team. Very flexible and great communication, the Motion Mapping team made the event for us. I would highly recommend this company and their services. I will be working with them again, no doubt.

Kyle, AMP Marketing Manager for Dr. Martens EMEA