3D Projection Mapping

Our 3D projection mapping technology will bring your product launch or special occasion to life through stunning visual animations, projected onto any building or object.

We can project animated film, graphics and video effects onto almost any surface, whether it’s the facade of a building (such as a castle, hotel or home) or an inanimate object (like a car, 3D business logo or even a cake). Whatever type of visual experience you want to create for your customers or guests, we can make it happen.

In fact, we have even projected a 3D video display onto Stonehenge! When we say we can projected animated effects onto almost any surface, we mean it!

What is 3D projection mapping?

Our 3D projection mapping services use hi-tech projectors and cutting-edge software, letting us work and interact with any shaped object or project onto any building. To the audience, who are engrossed by the creativity on view, it appears as if the building or object has come to life.

The transformation is an immersive experience, perfect for experiential and viral marketing. Our projection-mapped cake at the National Wedding Show has been viewed more than 50 million times online!

Our 3D video displays excite and delight in equal measure, and provide unique entertainment for guests at a corporate function, product launch or special occasion.

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ISE 2023 3D Projection Mapping
Genesis Interactive Game at the V&A
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3D video mapping on any shape or size

Whatever the size of your function, we’ll work with you to put together an exciting animated sequence that tells your story or sells your product in a vibrant and inspiring way.

Watch the front of a building crumble, explode, produce fireworks, or become enveloped in your brand.

3D projection mapping allows us to work with any geometry. Buildings with odd shapes, any number of windows, or pillars, are brought to life in colourful and creative ways.

Any ordinary object can become extraordinary. Contact us today to discuss your plans.

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What occasions would benefit from 3D projection mapping?

No event is too big or too small. And everything can be taken to a new level with 3D video mapping.

  • Product or music launches
  • Corporate functions
  • Advertising
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Experiential marketing

We’ll work with you to create a stunning animation sequence that will be unique to you, telling your personal or business story.

Our clients include Lamborghini, Fenwicks, the MOBO Awards, the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel and the NSPCC. So you know you’re in good company.

Contact us today to discuss your event plans. Discover how we can bring your occasion to life in a stunning, vibrant way.

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Famous projection mapping experiences

Projection mapping has transformed some of the world’s most iconic buildings.

Buckingham Palace’s majestic façade had a rainforest projected on to it to reflect a global conservation mission led by the Queen. But the building sprang to life with animation during the Jubilee Concert in 2012.

Other landmark buildings to be given the 3D projection mapping treatment include the Empire State Building and the Sydney Opera House.

The Guinness world record for the biggest projection mapping display was at the 2015 Circle of Light Festival in Moscow, when the entire Ministry of Defence building was brought to life, using 142 projectors!

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