Projection Mapping Firework Displays

There’s something magical about fireworks. Indeed, many of our fondest childhood memories involve visiting a firework display, where we would eat toffee and wave sparklers. Then we’d crimp our necks and marvel at the colourful lights and sounds of the fireworks.

It’s little wonder then, as adults, we still adore fireworks displays. Yet only the best – and most lavish – of events having their own fireworks display. The problem is, a true fireworks display can be difficult to pull off both correctly and safely. What then, if you could instead project your fireworks display to your venue with Motion Mapping?

You don’t need to rely on the weather

When it comes to organising a fireworks display, people often spend the weeks before frantically checking the weather forecast. As, for one, when it rains heavily on your chosen night, lighting your fireworks can be a nightmare. Even worse, your guests aren’t going to want to stand outside in the rain to watch.

Our projection mapping fireworks are ideal because not only can we project onto the outside of your building, we can use a feature wall on the inside, too. Meaning your guests can enjoy your fireworks display while warm and dry indoors.

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No safety concerns

As magical as traditional fireworks are, they come with a serious safety warning. Which means, if you want to add fireworks to your party, you’re going to need a team of safety experts to light and run your firework show.

You’ll also need to set up a safety perimeter, which helps keep people away from where the fireworks are lit. This can be problematic with a small outdoor display. Plus, we’ve all seen videos online where fireworks have gone wrong.
With projection mapping, your display can be started with the click of a button, exactly when you’re ready to start.

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Entirely customisable

While with a true firework display, it’s practically impossible to add a brand message or certain background music, your projection mapping display is customisable to your needs. Which means, if you’d like to add your company name, an animation or a certain series of sounds, we can work with you to bring your dream firework display to life.

You can pick the colours, types of fireworks and everything else you can think of. So, your firework display can be entirely unique to your event.

Just like real fireworks

Perhaps the greatest benefit of our projection mapping firework displays, though, is that they look just as – if not better than – real firework displays. Just without all the hassle on your part and those horrible chemical smells. Everything else – the lights, the sounds and the magic – is the same.

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