Guerrilla Projection Mapping

Guerilla projection mapping (also known as out-of-home advertising and urban projections) is one of the most unconventional – and effective – ways of reaching audiences and getting your message across.

There’s a reason why campaigns have turned to guerrilla marketing tactics such as urban projection, they catch people off guard and gain their attention more effectively than almost any other advertising medium.

draw attention to products, services, events and campaigns.

Much of the power of projection mapping is in the medium itself. Unlike posters, banners, billboards and other forms of traditional advertising, projections can move and change, and even incorporate the surface of the structure, landscape or landmark into the display itself. No other form of advertising has the impact of street projection, and a growing number of business and organisations are harnessing the power of guerrilla projection mapping to draw attention to their products, services, events and campaigns.

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What is guerilla projection mapping?

Guerilla projection advertising is the act of projecting brand advertising (still images or motion video) onto buildings without permission, in order to create an undeniable street presence that most consumers find interesting, edgy and captivating. It’s an extremely powerful and effective form of advertising, and passers by often stop to take photographs or share the projections on their social media profiles. This, of course, only helps to spread the word.

Interactive guerrilla projection is a form of experiential or immersive building projection and features real-time interactive elements designed to engage consumers. Interactive elements can range from displaying dynamic content feeds from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (enabling consumers to view their own social media posts in real-time on the building wall) to consumers to playing the hottest new video game release. The possibilities are truly endless.

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OOH Scratchcard Game
Puma & Manchester City Skyline Takeover
Zoo & Tourism Week Shard Guerilla Projections

How could guerilla projection advertising help to increase awareness of your business or campaign?

By turning forgotten spaces and iconic buildings into canvases of light and colour, we’ll generate the kind of buzz around your brand or campaign that’s normally only achieved with a big advertising budget or in-house marketing team.

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Political Campaigns

Over the last few years, political campaign groups have started to use urban projection advertising to deliver their message to the world.

The advantages are obvious: with a single high-powered projector, you can turn almost any building into a huge advertisement for your cause, plastering your message on a spot that would otherwise be unavailable.

It’s cheaper than TV advertising and far less dangerous than scaling rooftops in order to unfurl banners.

And of course, the visual impact is startling.

Product promotions

Few methods of advertising products are as effective as “guerrilla digital billboards”. Almost any legal product can be promoted using our video projection technology, and the buzz our publicity stunts can generate is nothing short of incredible. Why pay for expensive TV ads or advertise on obscure radio stations when you can have your product projected onto a building in a high footfall location?

Imagine the impact of promoting your latest range of sportswear products onto Wembley Stadium. Or having your canvas wall art appear on the side of the National Gallery. Maybe you’re promoting a controversial product and want it to be projected onto the Houses of Parliament. Or how about your range of luxury watches appearing on the front of Big Ben? The possibilities are limitless.

Creative arts

When people think of guerrilla marketing and street projection, they tend to associate it with the promotion of controversial products and politically-charged views. But it’s equally effective when used to promote creative events such as art installations, street theatre and fringe festivals.

Film releases

The visual nature of street projection lends itself perfectly to the promotion of movies and TV shows. The large-scale display of video content has been used to promote everything from small indie flicks and arthouse films to the biggest blockbuster movies and TV shows.

Which types of events would benefit from guerilla projection mapping?

Guerilla projection mapping can be used to draw attention to almost any event. These are some of the most common uses.

  • Product promotions
  • Art installations
  • Street theatre
  • Festivals
  • Screenings
  • Boutique events
  • Political activism

Let’s Discuss Your projection Mapping Project

Our guerilla projection PR stunts are the perfect way to stop people in their tracks. Utilising state-of-the-art 3D projection mapping technology and highly mobile projection units, we can project your product, service or message onto almost any structure, landscape or public attraction. We can then photograph the work, enabling you to use the images in a press release and gain maximum exposure on social media. Our large-scale guerrilla projections have featured in the local and national press, social media and on national television. So if you’re struggling to build brand awareness through conventional channels or you’re looking to generate a real buzz around the launch of your product, get in touch.