Immersive projection is a new and exciting form of projection mapping, where rather than just giving spectacular imagery, those images transport you to new and wonderful places. Whether it’s a corridor or a room, we use our technology project onto every wall, literally immersing your guests into a narrative that you’ve chosen.

Perhaps you want to be on top of Everest, on an Australian beach or walking through wild Africa – immersive projection can take you anywhere your imagination can think of.

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How to Add Immersive Projections to Your Event

If you’re hoping to make your product launch the talk of the town or see your guests enjoy the WOW factor, here’s how you can add immersive projection to your event.

Park Row Old Gotham City
ISE 2023 3D Projection Mapping
Genesis Interactive Game at the V&A

Product launches

It doesn’t matter if you’re launching a new perfume or you’re organising a party for the launch of a new book – you always want your event to be memorable and spectacular. What then, if you could turn your venue into a different world?

Take a book launch, for example, if the book was a thriller about vampires, then how amazing would it be to turn that venue into a spooky castle? Here your immersive projection could add darkened stone walls, creating that creepy vibe that matches the book.

Or, for a product like perfume, take the scent and make your venue match it. Is it a romantic scent? Then turn your venue into Venice!

Charity balls

For charity fundraising nights, you want to mix the spectacular with the glamour in order to raise money for that charity. So, to raise awareness, why not use immersive projection on the walk unto your event?

Take, for instance, a charity looking to remove plastics from our oceans. By using immersive projection, a tunnel could be created for the entrance to your ball, which looks and feels like you’re walking through an aquarium. Here you could show marine animals being affected by the plastic dumped in the sea. Your guests can still enjoy their glamorous ball, but you will have raised awareness and encouraged guests to donate more.

Weddings, corporate entertainment and parties

When it comes to weddings, we want our big day to be memorable, with our loved ones talking about how special it was years into the future. So, add an immersive projection!

For starters, you could create the idea that your venue is somewhere else entirely. You could have your guests walk through a corridor that makes them believe that they’re in the North Pole surrounded by snow, or perhaps an English country garden surrounded by wildflowers and animals.

Events Where You Could Use Immersive Projection

Like other forms of projection, immersive has the possibility for anything you can dream up. You can simply come to us with an idea, and we will help make that idea come into reality. Immersive projection is suitable for a large number of events.

  • Product launches
  • Charity balls/events
  • Weddings/parties
  • Corporate events
  • Pop-up events
  • Awards ceremonies

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