Put your audience at the heart of the WOW with immersive projection mapping. We’ll surround them with unique visuals, for a completely unforgettable experience.


Immersive creative projection envelops viewers in a 360-degree visual spectacle. By projecting images, animations and videos onto walls, floors, and ceilings, you can completely alter the perception of a space, making people feel as though they’ve stepped into another world.

It’s also possible to add synchronised soundscapes, interactive elements, and even tactile feedback, to create a truly multi-sensory experience that is both captivating and memorable.


Every job is unique, so our approach is always the same – we tailor it to the way you work and the outcomes you want.

We’ll thoroughly check out where you want to project, noting the types of surfaces you have and how the graphics could interact with the location. We’ll also work out the best places to put the projectors, based on practicalities like sight lines and public safety.

If you’ve already got graphics you want to use, we’ll work with them, using our experience to suggest ways we can make the absolute most of them. If you’d prefer us to create the visuals, we’re more than happy to do that, and will do our best to come up with something that exceeds your brief,

Whether you have your own A/V equipment or need recommendations, we can suggest the best gear to fit your environment and budget. With our extensive industry experience and supplier connections, we can often secure excellent deals if you need us to get the equipment for you.



Immersive projection is an incredibly effective way to make people feel like they’ve stepped into a different world. There’s no bigger WOW than being inside a projection, with stunning visuals everywhere you look. It’s one of the best ways to make a truly memorable impression on someone, whether they’re event goers, customers, journalists or random members of the public.


WOW your customers the moment they set foot in your store with an immersive projection experience.

Whether it’s for a shop-wide promotion, or you want something special to mark the launch of a product, we can amaze your customers with custom projected 360° graphics that turn your shop into a wonderland. It will increase sales, awareness and footfall for you, and can have it installed for as long as you need it.


Brightly coloured image of a lion Colchester Zoo Projection


There’s no better way to make your event memorable than surrounding the guests with innovative 360° immersive projection mapping. We’ve done this countless times, from huge awards ceremonies to Christmas lightshows in city centres, and we can confidently say everyone who attends is blown away by the immersive projection.

"You are in safe hands with this excellent team of immersive projection specialists. They carefully guide you through many options that will suit your budget without pressure. Customer care is at the heart of their operations."



Get in touch today and let’s start creating your immersive projection WOW moments.