These are lasting displays that make lasting impressions.


Installations give long term WOW. Designed to give you all the magic of creative projection mapping, but over a period of months or years, installations are ideal for adding something spectacular to a gallery, store, hotel, gym, business premise or even a private residence.


Every job is different, so naturally what we do will always be different too. The main thing to know is we always work closely with you so you can achieve your vision.

We can help from the beginning creating the graphics, or if you already have the visuals you want, we’ll advise how to use them for maximum effect in the space you want us to work in. You may already have the A/V equipment you want to use, but if not we can recommend the pieces of kit that will best suit the environment and your budget. (Our time in the industry also means we’ve got lots of contacts with suppliers, so we can usually get you far more bang for your buck if you want us to get the gear.)

When it comes to installation we’ll have already recced the site and worked out exactly where everything needs to go, factoring in how the space will be used day to day, lines of sight, public safety and all the other details that need to go into a successful installation.


Using projection mapping for an installation is one of the best ways to improve the look and feel of your space. It needs little (if any) physical alteration to the building, but the effects can be as dramatic or as subtle as you want.

Another huge advantage is, as it’s digital, it’s easy to alter the projection, so if you want your installation to match the seasons, need to change the message, or simply fancy a different view, then all we need to do is create a new file and load it into the software.


When you use projection mapping for an installation in your retail or business space, you’re already standing out from your competition. It’s an excellent way to impress your customers, clients and guests, communicate a message, and strengthen your brand. And impressed people will spread the word, both face to face and digitally, giving you incredibly valuable PR.

The potential is endless, and once it’s in place it’s easy to update your installation as and when you need to. By enhancing your space with projection mapping you’re enhancing your reputation, your sales and your client retention.

Brightly coloured image of a lion Colchester Zoo Projection


From installations in museums to Christmas lightshows in city centres, our projection mapping creates spectacular scenes that give WOW moments to thousands.

We’ve years of experience working with council teams, museum curators and event organisers to create and implement installations. We know what the challenges are, and how to overcome them, so we’ll be able to work smoothly with you to deliver what you need to impress.

People at a Christmas party, with the walls lit up with abstract shapes projected onto them


Projection mapping is the latest tool for interior designers who want to give their clients a home like no other. Use it to add subtle details or create entirely immersive environments in a room, with minimum disruption.

From gently changing landscapes in the living room to an interactive adventure in the playroom where children can move and change the projections through touch, it’s all possible. Very simply, your imagination is the only restriction – whatever you’ve got in mind, we’ll bring it to life.

"You are in safe hands with this excellent team of projection specialists. They carefully guide you through many options that will suit your budget without pressure. Customer care is at the heart of their operations."



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