Take your advertising campaigns to a new level with interactive projections that engage your audience.

Using the latest projection mapping technology, we can turn any surface into a mind-blowing interactive experience.

Our projections react to touch or movement, bringing a new dimension to your promotion or event. Interactive projections are perfect for creative agenciesevent managersretailerswedding organisers and charities, and can help encourage passing footfall footfall to interact directly with your product or service.

The cool visuals encourage people of all ages to take part. And when they do, the experience is so rewarding many will share it across their social media, amplifying your message even further.

Interactive projection is a high-tech advertising method that adds a whole new dimension to your marketing toolkit.

Please speak with us to see how we can join forces to produce a truly memorable and rewarding marketing campaign that delights your audience.

Mind Blowing Interactive PROJECTIONS

OOH Scratchcard Game
Park Row Old Gotham City
ISE 2023 3D Projection Mapping

Interactive Scratchcards

Our interactive scratchcards are the ultimate gamification marketing tool!

To play the game, your audience simply point their phones at the interactive scratchcard, enter their details on the website and then click items on their phone for the chance to win a prize.

Best of all, the interactive scratchcard displays the game progress in real-time and celebrates with people when they win!

Interactive Wine

Our project for Grape Expectations is the perfect example of how retail companies can use interactive projections to encourage people to physically interact with their products.

We created a series of projections based on the various bottles of wine that were on display. Whenever a bottle was picked up, the Grape Expectations logo was replaced with information about the wine, such as its dryness, acidity and body.

Interactive Table

Imagine a shop where you could take any product, place it on a table and see the item brought to life with a series of engaging videos, animations and sounds. Well, our interactive projections make that possibility a reality.

In the demonstration video above, different interactive displays are triggered based on which object is placed on the table. From toy dinosaurs to bottles of wine, this incredible marketing technology can be used to promote just about any product a person can pick up.

Interactive video projections with Motion Mapping

While we have plenty of template visuals and interactive features, we work with you to craft a unique experience that meets your individual needs.

We can work to any budget, in any space, projecting on to just about any surface, and prompt your audience to take multiple actions that they will love.

We create the kind of interactive experiences that beg to be shared on social media, helping your brand reach more people than you ever thought possible.

Our interactive video projections work brilliantly on walls, floors, monitors, tables and just about any other type of surface you can imagine.

Where can interactive projections be used?

We’ve put together a quick list of the types of events where interactive projection mapping truly shines:

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