Let people get hands on with your projection.


Think projection mapping is just a passive experience? With the latest technology we can make it interactive, giving people control of the projection to take the WOW to the next level. And using our specialist creativity, we’re able to apply it to any type of projection, from giant Out of Home displays to subtle installations.


We start by working closely with you to understand exactly what you want to achieve, then make our recommendations on how we can bring it to life through projection mapping. We either create the graphics from scratch or use ones supplied by you, and will work out how to use your space to the best advantage.

The interactive magic happens when we set up sensors and triggers, such as QR codes, RFIDS, barcodes and lasers, and link them to the projection. We may use just one type of tech, or a combination – it all depends on what works best for the project.


The potential of interactive creative projection is endless. It gives you an unmatched level of immersion and engagement for a marketing campaign or event. In retail it can help customers explore your range of products in more depth, just by swiping a hand or perhaps putting a hanger on a hook. It works brilliant for AV and production companies too, and will save you time and money.


Huge projections onto buildings and landmarks are always eyecatching. Being able to interact with them is a whole new level of WOW. In the past we’ve created a 111ft high arcade game for people to play, and given passersby a chance to win doughnuts by interacting in real time with a giant projection – what can we create for you?

Ryder Cup 2018 Projection for Sky Sports London


Whether it’s a live performance, a product launch, an art installation or a TV set, interactive projection mapping will adapt to any setting. We can make it fit any project you have, large or small, creating something that’s effective and totally unique. 

"You are in safe hands with this excellent team of projection specialists. They carefully guide you through many options that will suit your budget without pressure. Customer care is at the heart of their operations."



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