How Can You Include a Projection Show at Your Event?

If you’re new to the idea of projection mapping, you might not know where to start with adding this extraordinary visual experience to your event. Well, fear not, here’s a little inspiration of possible ways to integrate video animation into your event planning.


So, you’re planning an event. It could be a charity fundraising ball, a wedding or the launch of a product. The problem is, you want your event to stand out – to create the most memorable and exciting time your guests could have.

With so many events on people’s calendars, how do you make your own the most spectacular occasion of the year? Well, you need projection mapping, the funky and eye-catching way to add pizazz to your event.

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Bring your events to life with projection mapping

Park Row Old Gotham City
ISE 2023 3D Projection Mapping
Genesis Interactive Game at the V&A

Fireworks display

There is something about the lights and sounds of a firework display that simply mesmerises both the young and the old. The problem is, a fireworks display can be hard to organise. Not only does it need to be outdoors, run by safety professionals, you also need to source the best in fireworks to ensure a good show.

What then, if you could take all the wonders of a firework display and turn it into a thrilling animation projected on a building? Where you have all the spectacular lights, movements and sounds – just without the dangers. Even better, you can add your own animations and have your firework display indoors without any weather worries.

Project onto a celebratory cake

Ask someone what they’re most excited for at a nice wedding, birthday or – indeed – any kind of event and the likelihood is you’ll hear cake. So, to really get the buzz going, why not turn your cake large, tiered cake into its own little art masterpiece.

If you like our cool cake at the AV Awards, we can make your own creative ideas into reality.

Raise awareness through inspiring visuals

For charitable organisations, it’s vital that you continually raise awareness of your charity in order to increase donations and find new volunteers. For many, this means either running something like a week-long campaign event or organising a fundraising night.

Here, projection mapping can not only help raise awareness but also help reach new audiences as others share and chat about your projection. Take the Guide Dogs charity; this organisation helped reach new audiences by projecting their story on a foam board within a retail display over Guide Dog Week.

What Events are Ideal for Projection Mapping?

One of the best things about projection mapping is that the possibilities are limitless. Whatever event you’re planning, by adding exciting visuals, you will wow your guests and make your event memorable. Here are just a few of the events that would benefit from projection mapping.

  • Weddings
  • Product launches
  • Corporate events
  • Parties
  • Charity nights
  • Awards nights

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