Turn your charity fundraiser into a spectacular event with a showstopping, immersive visual display that will get people talking (and donating).

Transform your charitable event with projection mapping

For charities, having that WOW factor is essential to grab the public’s attention. Whether you’re looking to raise funds or encourage new volunteers to come forward, to really raise awareness, you need something that is unforgettable.

Projection mapping provides that experience, something so fun and unusual that people will want to show their friends and post it across social media. Which means, in no time at all, your charity will be seen by a whole new audience.

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What can projection mapping do for your charity?

With projection mapping, the only limit is how creative you can be. Which means no matter how crazy you think your idea is, here at Motion Mapping we can help turn your dreams into a reality.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to tell your charity’s story on a 200ft building or you simply want to add some sparkle to a charity ball; projection mapping will ensure your charity event is memorable.

Whether you’re looking to encourage the public to support your charity, raise awareness for that charity or simply add a WOW factor to a campaign – with Motion Mapping, you can do all this and more!

What sort of charitable events benefit from projection mapping?

It doesn’t matter how big or small your charity event is, we can work with you to create the ideal projection graphics and display to propel that event to a whole new level.

You can work with us for:

  • Charity fundraising nights – anything from balls to awards
  • Campaign awareness and product launches
  • Corporate charity events or training
  • Charity conferences
  • Volunteer recruitment events

What is projection mapping?

When you think of a projection, it’s likely that you think back to fuzzy movies being played on a wall or teachers writing lessons from a projector. Well, technology has advanced a lot since then, with our projection mapping using the latest technologies to give crisp and clean visuals.

By combining our modern projectors with clever software, we create animation that can be used on any surface or shape. Even if you’re looking for your message to be projected onto something as large as a building, we can help make your vision come to life.

Take our work for Help for Heroes, which included project enormous displays onto St Edmundsbury Cathedral in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. The leading charity for veterans wanted to lower the stigma of mental health within the British forces. The campaign, called Cut the Clock, sought to encourage veterans to come forward for help with their mental health by projecting a ‘stigma clock’ that visualised the average four-year waiting time people took before reaching out for support.

What’s the process of working with us?

There are generally five steps to producing something very special.

  1. Get in touch today to discuss your event and the goals you plan to achieve (and exceed!).
  2. Send us details of the site or venue. Or we meet up for a site visit. We need to know where we are projection mapping, what we’re displaying on.
  3. Now we go away and have some fun generating some concepts for you.
  4. You’ll select your favourite concept, and we’ll create it for you. You’re going to love it.
  5. We’ll set up before, operate during and then take down after your event. Everything is taken care of.

Are you a charity boss intrigued by projection mapping?

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No matter if you have an idea in mind or you’d like some inspiration, by getting in touch with Motion Mapping today we can help build the most memorable charity event you could imagine.