We use the latest projection mapping technology to help creative agencies create truly remarkable marketing campaigns and promotional events.

How creative agencies can use projection mapping

If your creative agency is looking for innovative new ways to bring campaigns alive, projection mapping is a versatile and visually stunning technology.

Using the latest projectors and software, our team at Motion Mapping can project animations and film of your choice, cleverly working around the contours of any building or object.

The results offer genuine stop-and-stare moments, ideal for any event or campaign you’re involved in.

So, if you’re looking to add WOW factor to your plans, be it a sensational backdrop wall or animated catwalk at a fashion show, or bringing the interior of an event venue alive, projection mapping offers an immersive experience that will live long in the memory.

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Why should I consider projection mapping?

We understand you may have used digital displays on flat screens for many years. But projection mapping offers you something totally different: the flexibility to integrate your film and animations with a venue, product or anywhere your creative talents are required.

3D mapping technology allows us to project onto any surface, no matter what its shape or size, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Visitors, guests, passers-by (it’s perfect for gorilla marketing) – in fact, everyone will love what you have come up with creatively.

How we work with creative agencies

You’ve got all the creative ideas, and it’s likely you’ve got your own content, in which case Motion Mapping need only advise on the best use of projection mapping in terms of production and where you’d like to operate.

We can be as involved as you need, from planning and content creation to simply providing you with the equipment on the day. We’re entirely agile, with a vastly experienced team capable of responding nationwide, fast.

Please get in touch today to see how projection mapping can transform your next project.

Which creative events are perfect for projection mapping?

Most events use AV production of some kind – projection mapping simply takes it to a new level. So, any time your creative agency team is tasked with producing visual displays, we’re here to make them jump out and make people stop in their tracks. It’s ideal for:

  • Fashion show backdrops or animated catwalk
  • Awards, conference backdrops
  • Live music performances
  • Product launches, from building exteriors and interiors to projection mapping on the product itself
  • Gorilla marketing, including experiential ideas
  • Retail events
  • Private functions and weddings
  • And much more

How will Motion Mapping work with you?

We can be as involved with your creative team as you need. From acting as professional projection mapping consultants to being hands-on throughout, we’ll do whatever works best for you.

We’ll need to discuss the scope of the project, what you’d like to achieve, and where you’d need it done. Then, using our experience and industry knowledge, we’ll help you produce work that gets noticed and appreciated. With more eyeballs on your work, you’re bound to achieve a better return on your investment.

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