Create immersive and engaging campaigns with jaw-dropping WOW moments. Showstopping experiential visual displays using projection mapping send social media wild and get people talking.

Why projection mapping for experiential marketing?

It’s all about engagement. Something new, intriguing, and visually stunning draws in your target audience.

We’ve used projection mapping with awesome results at many high profile events and destinations. Stonehenge? We projection mapped that for DJ Paul Oakenfold. On the front of buildings? Yes, they’ll transform into anything you want.

If you think your new product can’t work with projection mapping, you’d be wrong. Our techniques succeed with just about anything. Giant six and a half foot cake for the AV awards? Tick. We did that, and 90 million people have watched it online.

We brought the Sky TV studios putting green to life during the Ryder Cup, and we even projection mapped through a three-metre-wide ice wall at the FMBE Awards!

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Integrate projection mapping into experiential marketing and brand activations

Experiential marketing, or engagement marketing, is loved by marketeers because it gets customers involved and is often shared widely on social media. Mostly involving the clever use of new tech, projection mapping is a perfect media to embrace.

Perfect for brand activations, or to attract attention for an event, we can offer a new dimension to your experiential marketing campaign.

Projecting in ‘3D’ on to any building or object attracts your target audience immediately to whatever experiential mechanism you’re going to use to connect with them.

How does projection mapping work?

Using a combination of hi-tech but discreet projectors, cool animation and modelling software, and whacky minds, we create animations or films that interact and bring inanimate objects, including whole buildings to life.

Think more traditional 2D video mapping, which has been used widely for many years, and give it the full 3D upgrade, making for extraordinary new visual effects.

If you’re planning brand activation, what better way to introduce the WOW factor than including projection mapping in your plans? You’ll grab customers’ attention and get your product talked about.

Which events are ideal for projection mapping?

Any event that uses AV tech is enhanced with a projection mapping display. Of the endless opportunities, here are some of the most common:

  • Product launches, from cars to fashion
  • Concerts or record releases or videos
  • Retail events, from big launches to in-store displays
  • Corporate events (conferences, launches, openings)
  • Private functions and weddings
  • And much more

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