Bring your special private event to life with an awesome projection mapping display across your venue or on objects inside our out. Your guests will love it!

An incredible experience for your private event

If you’re putting on a special private event, adding an awesome projection mapping display will ensure your guests get to experience the WOW factor.

Everyone talks about brilliant parties for years to come, and by putting on one of our displays, you’ll be well on your way to creating a night to remember.

Projection mapping works on any building or object, creating stunning animated sequences with sound effects.

It’s your special occasion. We can create almost anything you want!

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What is projection mapping(video mapping)?

The technique uses modern projectors and powerful software to project an animated film onto any building or object.

We can put on a thrilling display on the front façade of your venue, perhaps one to welcome your guests, and a breath-taking digital firework display at the end of the night.

Transform panelled walls inside a venue into dazzling screens, or we can take any central object and delight guests by bringing it to life.

We can create a large wedding or party cake for you and then project your celebratory story on to it. We did just that for the National Wedding Show, and over 90 million have watched it online since! See it for yourself here.

You get to watch your cake before eating it!

What will projection mapping show?

Anything you like! It’s your party or private event, and we can create an animation sequence to reflect whatever you want.

Here are just some of the things we can include:

  • Photographs
  • Personal video clips
  • Themes from your favourite hobbies, films or places
  • Messages from absent friends
  • Your favourite music
  • And much more!

Does projection mapping work anywhere?

There are few limitations. We love the challenge of working in places that are extraordinary. Recently we lit up Stonehenge, providing a projection mapping display on the ancient stones while legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold performed there.

You can read all about our Stonehenge performance here.

This level of incredible visual stimulation makes projection mapping perfect for adding extra sparkle to special celebrations.

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