We create mind-blowing visual experiences that help high street retailers and niche stores set themselves apart from their competitors.

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Showstopping displays for retailers

Give retail displays and launches the WOW factor by incorporating a projection mapping display.

There’s no better way to turn heads than with the creative use of 3D projections bringing inanimate objects to life.

From the outside façade of a retail store to a small item in a window or in-store display, projection mapping is as versatile as it is exciting.

So, if you’re looking to add WOW factor to your plans, be it a sensational backdrop wall or animated catwalk at a fashion show, or bringing the interior of an event venue alive, projection mapping offers an immersive experience that will live long in the memory.

Check out our stand tour
from the VM&D Show!

We got to show off some cool new concepts we’ve been working on at the show & we promised we would do a virtual stand tour. The video covers everything that was there from the barcode/QR scanner all the way round to the mini immersive area with lidar sensors!

The great thing about all of these is that they can be adapted to almost any use and scaled to any size.

Click here to see the concept specific videos ->

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Why projection mapping for retail?

It adds WOW factor to any display or product launch.

Imagine the beauty of a new season introduced majestically across the front of a store, heralding autumn or spring, for example, or celebrating Christmas.

Projection mapping transforms any outlet, or an part of your store.

Our work is so appealing that your customers will remember it for years to come.

When we projection mapped a large cake for the National Wedding Show, 90 million watched the dazzling results online! See it for yourself here.

This level of virality makes projection mapping perfect for experiential marketing campaigns in the retail environment.

How does projection mapping work?

Using hi-tech and discreet projectors, and clever software, your bespoke animation sequence, which we’ll develop for you, brings any object to life.

2D video mapping has been around for years, but that was effectively just a simple projection. New 3D projection mapping enables animations (with sound if required) to work with any building or object.

Celebrate with visually impactful displays

We can projection map just about anything. The following scenarios are perfect for engaging an audience:

  • Product launches in a retail environment
  • Vehicles, clothing, bottles, logos, mannequins – anything can be made to look out of this world and tell a story
  • In-store displays to celebrate a new product or range
  • Shopfronts brought to life in extraordinary ways
  • Experiential marketing
  • And much more

Working with Motion Mapping

Creating something awesome takes just five simple steps. From the seed of an initial idea, we’ll create a vibrant and entertaining display that makes its mark.

  • 1. Contact us to discuss what projection mapping will add to your retail or corporate event.
  • 2. The next stage is to provide us with the site layout, or we arrange a site visit.
  • 3. We’ll then create some ideas for animations and themes that will work on the building or object of your choice.
  • 4. Once you’ve selected your favourite “story” concept or sequence, we’ll produce it for you.
  • 5. We work alongside you at the corporate or retail event to ensure everything goes as planned.

Let’s Discuss Your projection Mapping Project